This Viral Water Bottle Lives Up to All the Hype—and It's on Major Sale Right Now

I love my Owala Freesip, and won’t drink from another water bottle again.

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If you scroll through TikTok regularly, you’ve probably seen Owala’s Freesip Water Bottle on your For You Page. Since its viral debut, it’s become a favorite of social media stars and hydration enthusiasts alike—and for good reason. 

The Freesip has a sleek, unique design that makes it one of the best water bottles currently on the market. I’m a recent convert, but after purchasing one, I instantly understood the hype. And right now, the water bottle that tens of thousands of reviewers are raving about is on sale for 20% off (a serious steal!). 

Target Owala FreeSip 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle


To buy: Owala Freesip 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $22 (was $28);

A water bottle needs to check multiple boxes in order to earn a spot in my work bag or on my nightstand. I prefer bottles that are well-insulated and completely leakproof, with a silhouette that’s easy to hold with one hand. I also look for bottles that come in larger sizes, so I don’t need to refill them constantly. 

For me, the Freesip fits the bill perfectly. It’s available in five sizes, but my favorites are the 32- and 40-ounce options. They’re large enough to keep me on track with my daily hydration goals, but not so large that I feel silly carrying them around. I also appreciate that the outside is textured, making the Freesip easy to grab during a sweaty workout

This stainless steel bottle is also impressively insulated. I often fill mine up before bed so it’s ready when I wake up the next morning, and my water is always still ice cold. If you’re someone who likes to add ice, you’ll be pleased to know that ice cubes last around 24 hours in this bottle. And the outside never condensates—another plus (because who wants to search for a coaster?). 

Target Owala FreeSip 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle


To buy: Owala Freesip 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $22 (was $28);

But the best part about the Freesip is its innovative lid. With the push of a button, it flips up to reveal a two-in-one spout. You can sip from the smaller opening, which is attached to a straw, or take a big gulp using the larger chug opening. I love that I never have to worry about switching between different lids, which are easy for me to lose track of. Instead, the Freesip gives me all the options I need. 

As an added bonus, the convenient carrying handle doubles as a lock. Once you close the lid, you can push the handle down to prevent the Freesip from accidentally opening and spilling its contents. If you tend to throw your water bottle into an overstuffed purse (as I do daily), this feature prevents your phone or other essentials from causing an unwanted flood.

The Freesip is also ultra-durable. I’ve had mine for around a year, and all three still look brand new. No scratches, dents, scrapes, or scuffs—and I’m not gentle with them. Owala makes the Freesip in a range of pretty color combinations, so it’s nice to know that I won’t ruin the finish by accidentally dropping my bottle. 

If you’ve ever been disappointed by leaky, poorly insulated water bottles in the past, I highly recommend making the switch to Owala’s Freesip. Right now, you can grab a Freesip for 20% off the usual price—so stock up! Your skin (and wallet) will thank you.

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