's Anti-Racism Pledge

March 2022 pledges to create health and wellness coverage that reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of our audience and features writers, medical experts, and content creators of all backgrounds and experiences. As a health resource for everyone, we know it’s our responsibility to ensure articles and videos include people of diverse values, beliefs, behaviors, culture, and language. This approach takes into account the important push for equity in our nation right now, and it’s mindful of the entrenched health disparities among different populations in the US.

The Dotdash Meredith Anti-Bias Review Board, which was formed in 2020, works closely with all Dotdash Meredith editorial teams to assess content for bias and to help resolve concerns and questions around the creation of inclusive, unbiased content. With the board's guidance, the team has outlined five ways we will focus on inclusion and diversity going forward:

  • We pledge to recruit and elevate Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) voices for our in-house team as well as our contractors, freelancers, and medical experts
  • We pledge to ensure that language, images, and content are anti-racist and anti-oppression
  • We pledge to increase our coverage of BIPOC health experiences across all platforms
  • We pledge to develop partnerships with other brands, organizations, and leaders that promote inclusivity within the health and medical space
  • We pledge to continue educating ourselves and our staff on issues related to equity