Cinema Arts: Motion Picture Play

Saturday, June 18–Monday, September 5, 2022

Bechtel Gallery 3, Wattis Studio

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This collection of shorts celebrates the spirit of playfulness in moviemaking. Each artist explores creative uses of familiar materials. The resulting experiments reveal imaginative landscapes, humorous inventions, and curious surprises. 

Whizeewhig by Chih Cheng Peng (2002, 5 min.)
A moving portrait of San Francisco that sets the city’s iconic architecture into motion.

Bicycle by Dana Sink (2017, 2 min.)
Animated whirligigs and do-nothing machines come together in a flipbook-type fashion, ready to take you for a ride. 

What's Inside by dina Amin (2020, 1 min.)
The intricate insides of common electronic objects explode on the screen and come back together in a rhythmic cycle.

Films to Break Projectors by Tim Grabham (2017, 5 min.)
A work that glues, scrapes, and splices 35-mm, 16-mm, standard, and Super-8 film to create defective and un-projectable celluloid collages.

Lightplay by László Moholy-Nagy (1930, 6 min.)
Alluring shadows and radiant reflections hint at the shape and form of an unseen kinetic sculpture. 

Down to Earth by Anna Vasof (2014, 4 min.)
Redesigned and reimagined shoes become a spectacular parade of functional footwear.

L'eau Life by Jeff Scher (2010, 3 min.)
Thousands of scraps of paper are reanimated as a wildly colorful ode to summer. 

Blowing Things Away by Felipe Dulzaides (2001, 3 min.)
The artist tests the aerodynamic properties of every object he encounters.