You Can Make a Full Home Gym With This Best-Selling Resistance Band Set—Now on Major Prime Day Sale for Just $26

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One Off: Resistance Bands Tout

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Home gyms have become pretty popular in the last few years, but investing in a full gym with equipment and machines can be expensive. Fortunately, Prime Day is finally here and it's full of amazing fitness deals—including this popular resistance band set that you can build a full-body workout with. The WikDay Resistance bands are on exclusive sale for Prime members during Prime Day for just $26 right now. 

Amazon Prime Day WIKDAY Resistance Bands


To buy: WikDay Resistance Bands, $26 (was $39);

If you're not a Prime member yet, don't fret, you can always sign up for a free 30-day trial to gain access to lightning deals on these resistance bands and hundreds of other itmes.

If you’re not familiar with resistance bands, they are long, circular, or oval-shaped loops made of rubber or latex material. They can vary in length, shape, and size as well as the amount of resistance they provide. Typically, the thicker and “tighter” the band, the more resistance they provide. 

This particular pack includes five different color-coded resistance bands:

  • Yellow: 8-15 lbs.
  • Orange: 15-35 lbs.
  • Green: 25-65 lbs.
  • Blue: 35-85 lbs.
  • Red: 50-125 lbs.

You can use resistance bands on their own to provide resistance to train muscles, repair injuries, or build strength or add them to the current equipment you have. For instance, you can loop a resistance band around a squat rack or even a door in order to do tricep pull-downs, face pulls, or bicep curls. 

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“Resistance bands are a very cost-effective way to start a workout space/home gym compared to that of free weights,” notes Jason Wrosch, CPT, in Michigan. “Resistance bands are very versatile. They can be used for resistance training, mobility training, and rehab training.” 

An Amazon shopper that used these bands for a couple of months explained that they're “[g]ood strong quality for resistance training," and revealed they use them "for pull-downs, looping them on a hook. Rows and torso twists from pole.” Another fan raved that these "work better than weight[s] because of their constant resistance."

Resistance bands can also be helpful for working your lower body and building stronger glute muscles. In fact, Wrosh notes that resistance bands can provide something that even free weights can’t when working out.  

“Free weights only provide resistance relative to gravity, meaning free weight resistance is only in a vertical plane,” he explains. “Bands can be connected to just about any solid and stable object via an anchor point, providing resistance from any angle and allowing for a vast variety of exercises that can not be done with free weights. As long as the band is pulled taut, a resistance band applies constant tension to the muscle.”

Amazon Prime Day WIKDAY Resistance Bands


To buy: WikDay Resistance Bands, $26 (was $39);

According to a review of over eight available studies performed by SAGE Open Medicine in 2018, using resistance bands was found to be equally as effective as weight machines and dumbbells to build muscular strength.

The study concluded that “elastic resistance training is able to promote similar strength gains to conventional resistance training, in different population profiles and using diverse protocols”

As the study indicated, resistance bands can be more accessible for different types of people who may have unique fitness and mobility needs, because they’re lightweight and easily portable. Resistance bands are also ideal if you want to take your workout on the road with you. “They can be thrown in any luggage and taken with you on the go,” Wrosch points out. 

To buy: WikDay Resistance Bands, $26 (was $39);

“They're also great to put into a suitcase for traveling,” noted one Amazon shopper who described the set as "extremely sturdy."

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) adds that resistance bands can also help build flexibility,  balance and coordination, stability, and mobility, in addition to building muscle strength and size. Plus, the NSAM notes that bands can be ideal for both people just starting an exercise routine as well as those who have been exercising for a while—and you can use them at home or in the gym. 

“When I don't have time to go to the gym, these are an awesome alternative for working out at home,” pointed out one Amazon shopper. And at only $26 right now, that's a deal that's hard to beat.

Just hurry, because these popular lightning deals tend to go fast.

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